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Picture to TV Software

Picture to TV software

DVD Photo Slide Show is a unique picture to TV software to help you turn your digital photos to video CD slide show. You can use DVD player to enjoy the exciting slide show on home big screen TV with your friends and family. This photo to dvd software uses VCD 2.0 still images to show your photo on TV, the screen resolution on TV is 720X576 and the photos quality on TV screen is very good.

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The software interface is well designed and it's very easy to use. Only 3 simple steps, you can view your photo slide show on TV with remote controller. how to create slide show with music dvd

DVD Photo SlideShow Benefits:

  • Well designed user interface. It 's easy to understand and you can create DVD Slide Show with 3 easy steps.
  • Very high image quality on TV, with a DVD player, the screen resolution of DVD slide show will be 704x576. Your photos will look great on TV.
  • Many pretty interactive menu template to choose from. It makes your DVD slide show outstanding and unique.
  • The original photo files can be save on the DVD slide show disc. It is a safe way to archive your photos and you can easily share your photo with your friends.
  • Supports most cd burners and home DVD player models.

Click here to download Picture to TV Software - DVD Photo Slideshow


Overview of Picture to TV Software - DVD Photo Slide Show

Besides printing, web slide show, email photos, you can share your photo on TV too. With DVD Photo Slide Show software, it is very simple to create your own photo video CD now.

DVD Photo Slide Show uses the still image standard of Video CD 2.0 and make high resolution slide show on TV. The screen resolution will be 704x576, which makes your photo looks excellent on TV. With DVD player remote controller, you can browser your photo albums one by one or let the slide show play by itself automatically. Even more, you can add background music to each albums and enjoy the high quality photo DVD slide show with your favorite music playing in background.

With the well designed user interface, you can add your photo collection to album, by which you can organize your photos in groups. how to create slide show with music dvd. You can add text to each photo, add background music to each album.

Each album will be shown on interactive menu. You can press the number button on your DVD player remote controller to choose the album. With many pretty built-in menu templates, you can make a unique and beautiful DVD slide show for your friends.

By default, DVD Photo Slide Show will save the original photo files on the target CD-R or CD-RW disc, so you can use this software to archive your hundreds of photos too. You can easily find your original photo files on the CD, and you can print or process your photos in the future.

Click here to download Picture to TV Software - DVD Photo Slideshow

The registration fee of DVD Photo Slideshow is US$49.95.

This is the one time purchase fee.

If you would like to purchase a license for DVD Photo Slideshow, you can take a secure online order by clicking the following link:
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The online ordering is 100% secure!

FAQs of Picture to TV Software:


What can DVD Photo Slideshow do for me?

DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to make use of your DVD or CD burner to create entertaining slideshows you can watch on TV. With one click, DVD Photo Slideshow creates an exciting photo slide show with music, motion menus and transition effects. With DVD Photo Slideshow you can quickly and easily produce professional-looking photo slideshow DVD disc and share the slide show on home big screen TV with standard DVD player in the comfort of your living room. With a few minutes of work, you'll have an eye-catching slide show that will run on nearly any DVD player. how to create slide show with music dvd

What’s the difference between the free trial version and the full version?

The only difference between the trial version and the full version is the limitation that you can only burn maximum 36 photos into each CD or DVD disc. After you purchase our product, you will be provided your registration name and code which will unlock the free trial version. how to create slide show with music dvd

Why I cannot run the downloded setup file?

You probably download a corrupted file due to overloaded network traffic. Please try to download the setup file again for several times. Please make sure the downloaded file size is exactly the same as the original file from the download website. (eg. The download size of version 6.51 is 27,700,021 bytes.)

What is the resolution of my photos shown on TV?

The DVD Photo Slideshow professional version supports DVD, SVCD, VCD 2.0 still picture as the output format. Please refer to the following video file comparison. Normally, the DVD output is the best in terms of the DVD player compatibility. how to create slide show with music dvd

Resolution (NTSC) 352x240 480x480 720x480
Resolution (PAL) 352x288 480x576 720x576
Video Compression MPEG1 MPEG2 MPEG2
DVD Player Compatibility Great Good Excellent

VCD 2.0 still picture format optimizes your digital photos and use the High Resolution Still Picture format which is supported by DVD/SVCD. This technique makes photos look great on TV. The resolution of the image shown on TV can be as high as 704x576.

Can I create more than one albums?

Yes, you can have multiple albums, each with unlimited photos. You need to use the multi-album feature in DVD Photo Slideshow as follows:

  • In the "Organize Photos" window, click the "New Album" button. There will be a pop-up window where you need to input the album name.
  • Select photos and add photos to the selected album.
  • Repeat above steps to add more slideshows.

Can I loop my slideshows?

Yes. You may use the Navigation Control option to loop slideshow you have created. For example, after you create some photo albums, you may select the Navigation Control option according to the following steps.

  1. Click the menu View->Options. There will be a popup window to set up the options for the whole project.
  2. Select the After Playback option and choose the Continue to play the next clip (Loop) from the pull-down box.
  3. This option enables automatically playback of all slideshows you have created.

How many photos can be added to the slideshows?

DVD Photo Slideshow uses MPEG encoder. Since the output file is MPEG2 format, the capability depends on the number of photos, interval time between photos and the background music length. The program can calculate the disc space used when photos or background music are added into slideshows. There is no limitation with the photo numbers for each slideshow. The only limitation is the disc space of your DVD-R or DVD-RW disc. how to create slide show with music dvd. Normally, One 4.7G DVD-R disc can holds more than 1,000 photos with background music.

Full Version of FAQs

Questions about Transition effects:

Why there are no transition effects when playing on TV?

DVD Photo Slideshow professional version supports DVD, SVCD, VCD 2.0 still picture as the output format. Please select SVCD or DVD as the output disc format if you need the transition effects. If you select the Still picture as the output format, there will be no transition effects available. The High Resolution Still Picture format makes photos look great on TV (resolution is as high as 704x576). To support this kind of high quality image format on TV with DVD player, the layout of files on CD is not the same as that of the normal video CD which can be played like a movie on TV or computer. This is the reason why this output format does not support transition effects.

Can I customize transition effects for individual slide?

Yes. Double-click the photo you want customize, and click the following button to enter the pop-up window to customize

What if I just want to add a part of the music to my slideshow?

The current version does not support this feature. The current version takes the music file as a whole object and could not play part of the music on the slideshow. Please download the free version of Any Sound Recorder from and this program enables you edit the music files and save part of the music file as a new audio file.

Click here to download Picture to TV Software - DVD Photo Slideshow

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