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How to loop picture slideshows, create image slide shows

How to loop dynamic Photo Slide Show with music on big TV Screen

Many people like to loop their dynamic Picture slide shows with music on TV, but they do not have a good way to do this. How to loop the dynamic image slideshows and background music on your big TV screen? Wow, it seems interesting to everybody. ( Learn more about slide show burner)

To show slideshow with backgroung song on TV, you need to create a DVD slide show at first. How to create or make dynamic slide show DVD with music for watching on big TV screen? You need to get an easy DVD slide show producer at first. Usually, a professional slide show producer will allows you create or make slide shows with background music that can loop automatically on TV while playing.

make slideshow dvd for TV

Click on the pictures or button for DVD Photo Slide show Producer Flash demo

Format: .swf File Size: 660KB Time: 48 sec

How to create or make a dynamic picture slide show with music that can loop on TV? The following tips tutorial will show you how to create picture slide shows with background music that can be loop on TV while playing.

Free Download the DVD Photo Slide show Producer and install it on your computer at first. After you launch the slide show producer, you can follow 3 simple steps to create image album, set menu, preview slide shows, burn your slideshows onto a blank DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-R or CD-RW disc.

Part 1. Organize photos and create album

When you run the dynamic slide show producer, click the "Organize Photos" button to create one or more photo album and select photos from a folder in your hard drive and add them to the particular album. After creating a photo album, you can customize the photo album. For example, you can double click one image, and there will pop up a "Photo Configuration" pan, where you can decorate pictures with special effects.


Part 2: Set transition effects, add music, choose theme

On the "Transition & Music" tab, you can add the background music or song to the album and select your desired transition effects for slide shows.

How to make the music loop with the dynamic image slide shows

loop background music

After you add background music to the slideshows, you need to Check "Loop audio" to make the music can loop while picture slideshows playing on TV screen. To make background song play wonderfullly, you also need to Check "Fade in&out".

In the "Album Theme" tab, you can choose a theme for dynamic slide shows and preview them on "Album Preview" tab easily.

Part 3. Choose DVD menu and make dynamic slide show loop

Go to the "Choose menus" window, where you can select a template of disc menu which decides how the photo album slide shows will be shown on your DVD disc.

How to make your dynamic image slide show loop while playing on TV?

Click "Menu Navigator" tab of "Choose menus" windows and choose image slideshows playing way. Click the drop down list menu of "After playing over current album" and choose a selection. If you just create a album slide show, you may choose "Play current album repeatly" to make your slide show with background song loop while playing on TV. If you create multiple album slideshows, you need to choose "Play next album. Back to the first album after the last album" and this will make your album slide shows loop automatically with background music while playing.

loop slide shows

Part 4. Burn photo album slide show to DVD disc

Go to to "burn disc" window. Here you can choose "DVD video disc" as the slide show output format.After you set all the other related parameters, you need to insert a DVD disc , then click the "Burn Now" button to burn your creative dynamic slideshow to the DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW disc.

burn slideshows to disc

Once your DVD disc is recorded completely, you may play it with your DVD player and the photograph slide show will be showed on TV with amazing transition effects and background music. You will see that your dynamic slide shows and music loop automatically while playing.

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