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Introduction to DVD Photo Slideshow Professional

This section covers:

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-System Requirements of DVD Photo Slideshow Professional

Intel Pentium III 800M HZ Processor and above

Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

256 MB of RAM (above is recommended)

200 MB of available hard drive space for program installation

DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW drives for burning DVD

Windows-compatible sound card (recommended)

TV connected to DVD player (recommended)

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-Basic Elements Needed to Know

In order to create a more amazing slideshow, it is quite important to understand the basic elements of a project and relationships among them. The following are some basic elements needed to know before your start using the program.

Slideshow, Album and Slide

A slideshow is composed of albums as well as a DVD menu (optional).
An album is consisted of photos and music. You can create more than one album in a slideshow.
A slide includes the photo, its decorations and captions.

Album Theme

An album theme can determine the visual styles of the album. You can add titles and credits to the album with different effects when you apply album theme.

Setting Options

Before creating your slideshow, you can specify the working folder, default background music and transition effects. Select View: Options to view Options window. Click General tab to specify the location of temporary folder of the project created by the program. Album playback order in DVD mode can also be set here. TV system must be specified here, if you want to watch your slideshow on TV.
Click Album Default Setting tab to set default background music and transition effects for the album. You can create a quick show with this method.

Starting a Project

When you run the program, a new project will be opened automatically. A new project always applies the default settings of DVD Photo Slidesho. You can view and modify these settings in Options window by selecting View> Options.

Select File> Open to open an existing project on your computer.
Remember to always save your modification by choosing File>Save.

Copying a Project

You can copy all photos and project file to another computer with the same folder name. The project only saves the photo directory not the photo itself. You also need to install DVD Photo Slideshow on the computer.

Another way is to create the image file from your photo album and copy the image file to your client's computer. On the computer with DVD burner, you can use Nero Burning software to burn the image file to DVD disc.

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-Supportable File Formats

Image Formats


Audio Formats


Output Formats


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-Workspace of the Program

DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to create your slideshows with ease. The program provides you a three-step workflow where you can organize your photos, choose DVD menus and then create in you desired output format.


1. Main Menu contains options that allow you to access all program functions and features.

2. Main Tasks Menu is three steps you need to do to create your slideshow.

3. File and Folder List shows all file folders on your hard drive and network and you can see files in selected folder in right panel.

4. Album Toolbar are used to create or delete an album in the slideshow.

5. Album List displays created albums with their thumbnail.

6. Album Toolbar is for modifying selected album.

7. Slide Toolbar is used to edit selected slide.

8. Slide Panel displays all slides in current album.

9. Disc Size Indicator shows the disc size of your created slideshow.

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