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ideas: How to create free but good memorial dvd slideshows for funeral

Free memorial funeral slideshow with good songs is the ideal way for you to remember someone who had passed way. When people passed away, their family, relatives and friends get into suffering. There is nothing to do but to remember them in the heart with good memorial funeral image music slide shows. There is nothing to left but the precious memory slides.

The good memorial picture slideshows can be the photos which may be the best thing to show you the memories. A professional music memorial funeral image slide show contains music, pictures, texts, theme or more. To take the memories into your heart, you can collect the person’s images and his favorite songs, then convert album to make a memorial DVD slideshows for funeral with professional DVD slide show maker app software. (Free Download it Here)

DVD Photo Slide show is the best funeral picture dvd slideshow maker app software, which allows you bring the deceased memories into the heart and create free but good song image slide shows for funeral. You can just import the pictures, add songs, set transition effects, choose image slides theme, select menu and output format. With this professional picture DVD slide show maker app software, you will get free funeral slideshows with music easily to remember somebody you loved.

ideas: some steps for you to create professional memorial funeral song slideshows

Before you make your free music funeral slides, you should free download the memorial image slideshow maker software and install on your computer at first. Then you can begin to create or make your precious funeral picture slide shows for remember the loved one who had passed away.

There are some ideas for you to make good slideshows in the following:

  • 1. Run this funeral picture dvd slideshow software on your computer to start a image slide show project. You will see many built-in function tabs on the user interface.

import pictures to this slide show maker for funeral

  • 2. Click the “Add” button to import the deceased pictures. You can add more than 1000 images to the slideshow maker.
  • 3. Click the “Add” button on the “Transition & Effects” tab to add memorial funeral music to the slide shows. You can add multiple songs to the slides. But all the music should be memorial and full of love. If you want, you can also add the deceased voice to the picture slide shows in mp3, wma, wav formats.
  • 4. Set the transition effects. To create a dynamic and good memorial slide show for funeral, you can set the dynamic transition effects for the pictures. This song slide show app software has many eye-catching built-in transition effects for you to choose for free slide shows. You can also preview the funeral image slides transition effect in “Transition & Effects” tab.
  • 5. Edit the images of the memorial slideshows for funeral. You can add the texts for the poem to the music funeral slide shows. You can type the poem to the image of the slides in the “Photo Configuration” window.
  • 6. Choose a love theme for funeral memorial slide shows. To express your love to the loved one, you need to choose a love theme for the funeral image slideshows. In the “Album Theme” tab, you can also preview your slide show with a theme.

dvd slideshow menu

  • 7. Choose a DVD menu for memorial slideshow. If you want to create a good memorial music picture slide show for playing on TV, you need to choose a DVD menu. The slide show maker app software has many built-in DVD menus for slides. You can download more menu package form the website and install on your computer to come with the memorial funeral image song slide show maker by clicking “Get more templates”. After you install the DVD menu package, you can choose a proper menu template for your funeral photo slideshows. ( see more built-in beautiful DVD menus )
  • 8. Edit the DVD menu for picture slides. You can set the free image slide shows playing way for funeral easily in “Menu Navigator” tab. If you want, you can use the deceased picture to replace the DVD menu picture and this looks more wonderful.
  • 9. Choose the DVD slide shows output format. The professional photo slide show app software allows you choose various output formats to create all kinds of memorial picture slideshows for funeral. For example, If you want to create a video slide show for YouTube, you can choose “YouTube Uploadable Movie” as the picture slides output. Now, you want to create a music memorial slide show for funeral, so you need to choose “DVD Video Disc” as the song slide shows output.
  • 10. Insert your DVD disc into the burner. After you choose the “DVD Video Disc” as the slide shows output, click “burn now!” button to burn the memorial picture slideshows with songs to DVD disc. The professiional slide show software will cost you some time to create an good but free eye-catching and precious DVD image slides for funeral.
  • 11. Play your memorial funeral slideshows with background songs on TV with a DVD player. You will share the song slides on TV with family, relatives and friends. You will see the precious and memorial slide shows playing with dynamic slide show transition effects and background songs which are full of love.

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