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--Make iPod playable Photo Slide Show with clicks.

  • Cool!  Show Photo Slideh show on iPod on the go.
  • Easy! Creating photo slideshow for iPod has never been simpler.
  • Amazing! Enjoy photo slideshow on iPod with music and transition effects.
DVD Photo Slide ShowShow Photo Slide Show on iPod is easy to do with iPod Photo Slideshow.

Socusoft iPod Photo Slideshow allows you to create entertaining MPEG-4 photo slideshows playable on iPod.. With iPod Photo Slideshow you can quickly and easily produce professional-looking photo slideshow and share the slide show on iPod. With a few minutes of work, you'll have an eye-catching slide show complete with background music and transition effects. It supports Over 260 amazing transition effects with Pan & Zoom effect.

With iPod Photo Slideshow , thousands of pictures from holidays, landscapes, wedding or family parties can now be enjoyed on iPod as amazing slide show. The program's simplified three-step workflow enables users of all levels to build custom slide shows for sharing on iPod with family, friends or customers. iPod Photo Slideshow gives photography lovers or photo collectors a new and easy way to view, store and share their pictures from digital camera, scanner or Internet. With just a few clicks, you can use iPod Photo Slideshow to view and edit photo, create and organize your photo album, add background music and transition effects, encode your photo album to MPEG-4 format video files. After that, you can show your creative works on your iPod.

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Creating a Photo Slide Show with Music and Transitions on an iPod Photo

How can we add personal touches to your photos and music and turn your digital photo slideshows into memorable projects on your mobile devices such as Apple iPod, Sony PSP and Pocket PCs to share with family and friends? iPod Photo Slideshow is the All-in-One Solution. iPod Photo Slideshow transfer your digital photo collection into high quality photo slide show playable on iPod. With Socusoft iPod Photo Slideshow, you can easily make MPEG-4 format photo slideshow from your digital photo collections.

iPod Photo Slideshow strengthens all its original merits such as multiple transition effects, background music, adjustable slide duration and editable text showed on pictures. With this powerful slide show software tailored for iPod, you can:

JPEG slide showCreate and your photo slide show for iPod with clicks With only a few clicks, you can conveniently create your own photo albums. After the preview of your slide show created, you can easily convert them into MPEG-4 format that can be enjoyed on most mobile devices such as Apple iPod, Sony PSP and Pocket PC. index

JPEG slide showWatch and share your digital photo slideshow on the go.
With this slideshow software, you can view your photo slide show on iPod, PSP and Pocket PC . With its multi-album feature, you can just easily share your memories with your family or friends.

JPEG slide showSave and organize your Photo, Picture and Image
With this photo program, you can easily archive hundreds of your favorite high-resolution photo into your iPod. You can share your archived photo albums with friends, family, clients or colleagues!


System Requirements

JPEG slide showSP2 for Windows XP

JPEG slide showPersonal or multimedia computer with a 1.5 gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor

JPEG slide show256 megabytes (MB) or higher of RAM

JPEG slide show2.0 GB of available hard-disk space or higher

JPEG slide showXGA (1024x768) or higher resolution monitor

JPEG slide showiPod Video


Key Features:

 iPod Photo Slideshow is the world's simplest photo slide show making software for iPod. Integrated MPEG-4 encoder which has super fast conversion speed with high quality plus advanced photo album editing features give you everything you need to turn iPod into a portable photo slide show center. Key features of IPod Photo Slideshow include:

JPEG slide showNo Experience Necessary .
iPod Photo Slideshow is simply the easiest to use slideshow software. It is designed to be easy enough for anyone in the family to use. You can create dynamic slideshows for iPod in just three steps : Add your photos, add background music and transition effects, and encode to MPEG-4 format. You will find that you can perform all tasks in the most natural and intuitive way. index

JPEG slide showDynamic Slideshows - The slideshow editor includes all the tools you need to create eye-catching photo presentations. Bring life to your show by adding transition effects between pictures. We provide some of the most visually elegant effects available in the market.

JPEG slide showPhoto or Picture Look Great On iPod
iPod Photo Slideshow optimizes your digital photos when converting them into iPod playable MPEG-4 format. This technique makes photo look great on iPod. index

JPEG slide showAnnotate your photos with your own text.
The built-in What You See is What You Get photo editor makes it easy to add your own comments for your favorite photos. The position, font, color and shadow of the text are immediately shown with the photo.

JPEG slide showWhat You Watch Is What You Get You can preview your slide shows before encoding them onto iPod support MP4 format. The internal audio mini-player enables you to enjoy your desired songs before putting them into your photo slide show.

Download a free trial version and show your home video on iPod now!

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