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How to make a wedding photo slideshow and burn it to DVD

Wedding is one of the most important thing in our life, wedding means we find our life partner. Nowadays, many people take wedding photos to record the happy wedding moments. Making a wedding photo slideshow and burning it to DVD for playback on TV can be a better way to store these photos.

In a weekend’s night, sit in the sofa and enjoy the DVD wedding slideshow on TV to recall the precious and memorable moments with your mates. When your friends come over, show them your happiness on the big TV screen.

Anyway, it is wise to make a slideshow with wedding photos and music.

What preparations do you need to create a wedding music slideshow DVD?

1.Wedding photos

2.Wedding music

3.Wedding photo slideshow software---DVD Photo Slideshow

create wedding photo slideshow

Instructions to make a wedding slideshow with DVD Photo Slideshow.

1.Organize Photos

In this tab, you can import photos and edit them, choose transition effects and background music, choose album theme and preview the photo slideshow.

Import photos and edit them

In the sub-tab “Album photo”, click “Add” to add photos. The software also supports dragging to import photos. Then you click “Text” to add text, artclips and subtitle. Or you can set Bright/Contrast and Color balance. You can click “More” to add a blank image and Randomize slides order, then add text on the blank image.

Choose Transition & Music

Click “Transition & Music” ,you can choose dynamic transition effects for each slides from over 300 kinds. Double-click to apply it. You can add one or more background music by clicking “Add”, or ripper a song for Audio CD, even record your voice as background music.

In the Album setting area, you can set transition and slideshow duration. Furthermore, you can match the slideshow duration to the music duration.

Choose Album theme

In the sub-tab “Album Theme”, you can choose a theme for the video. The software provides 75 various album themes. Also you can set the Title at the beginning and Credits in the end.For a wedding photo slideshow, you can choose a wedding theme to create a better atmosphere.

Preview the photo video

In the tab, you can preview the video to check if it is ok. If it is not satisfying, redo the precious steps. Otherwise, go to next step.

2.Choose Menus

Choose a wedding menu to show DVD menu before playing the slideshow. Then set DVD background image& music and menu navigator ,edit DVD menu display, even preview the DVD slideshow.

3.Burn Disc

In this tab, you can choose the output format and set the format parameters. Click the output format drop-down list and choose “DVD Video Disc”. After setting DVD/CD File System, TV System and DVD/CD Recorder Options.

Click “Burn Now” to burn the slideshow to DVD.

After the DVD burning is finished, you can enjoy the slideshow on TV with a DVD player.