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6. Troubleshooting

6.1 DVD Burning Problems

DVD Photo Slideshow supports a wide range of CD and DVD burners. If you get a burn error, or if your burner is not listed, it is possible that your burner is currently unsupported. The easiest way to workaround this is to install Nero drivers: As DVD Photo Slideshow outputs non-proprietary CD image files ( BIN/CUE format) and DVD folder files ( VIDEO_TS ), you can also use any other 3rd party burning software if they support these formats. For DVD, almost all DVD burning software supports the importing of the VIDEO_TS folder contents. For (S)VCD , you can try the following 3rd party burning software that supports BIN/CUE :

You can also use it for burning the VIDEO_TS folder for DVD's.

6.2 DVD Playback Problems

Many DVD players support the playing of DVD recordable, which is the most compatible format.

However, different DVD players support reading of different DVD recordable media, so you must make sure you use the one that is compatible with your player. There are 4 main types of DVD recordable:


DVD Photo Slideshow supports writing to all the above formats. However, your DVD writer may only support writing to either DVD-R/DVD-RW or DVD+R/DVD+RW (Some DVD writers support both -/+ formats). You must ensure again that you are using the only media that is supported by your DVD writer.

Finally, DVD writers are more sensitive to the brand of the DVD recordable media than CD writers. You may need some trial and error, but try consulting the following resource before you purchase your media: