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Photo Slideshow Software - DVD Slide Show, Photo to DVD, Flash Slideshow

Online Document for DVD Photo Slideshow

3. Organize Photos

3.1 Starting a project

  1. When you run DVD Photo Slideshow, it automatically opens a new project and lets you start creating a slideshow. A new project always uses DVD Photo Slideshow's default project settings. Whether modify these settings bases on your Options. If you like, just select View: Options
  2. Always save your project for future editing by selecting File: Save.
  3. To open an existing project, just select File: Open.
  4. When you burn your slideshow to the disc, a copy of your show will be saved automatically in the Temporary Folder, which is prepared for your future use. If you want to see this folder, just click Explore Temporary Folder or click the Option in the View to get more information.

3.2 Creating a slideshow

To create a slideshow, click New Album on the Slideshow Toolbar. From the pop-up dialog window, you may input the album name.

3.3 Deleting a slideshow

Click the small picture of the photo album from the Photo Album area (the left-down panel) to select an album you want to delete .If you want to delete more, please press the key of Ctrl while clicking
-- Click the Delete Album button, the selected album will be deleted.

Tip: When you delete a photo album, all photos inside the album will be removed. But the original photos will not be deleted physically from your hard drive.

3.4 Customizing photo album contents

After creating a photo album, you can customize the photo album by adding, deleting photos, arranging the order of photos during slideshow playback, adding captions for photos and selecting transition effects.

3.4.1 Sorting Selected Photos

When selecting the Details view, you can arrange your photos in any order by clicking any column such as size, type or modified data.

3.4.2 Selecting photos from the File List.
  • Click on the thumbnail of the photo you want to operate.
  • When you click on a thumbnail, its border will turn yellow, indicating it is really selected .

You can press down the key of Ctrl or Alt when you are clicking thumbnails to select more than one photo at the same time. The hotkey of Ctrl+A will let you select all the photos.

3.4.3 A dding Photos to Photo Album
  • Click the Add button to add the selected photos to the current photo album.
  • Click the Add ALL button to add all photos in the current folder to the current photo album.

-- Double-click the photo in the File List, the selected photo will be added to the current photo album.
-- You can drag any number of photos into your photo album at once. Photos are added to your photo album in the order in which they appear in the File List. To select multiple photos, you can click and drag in the empty space in the File List to select an area of files, or hold CONTROL or SHIFT while clicking on any slide. When add those files to your photo album, please click the selected files with your left mouse button still down, then drag the selected files into the Slide List. You'll see a highlight bar appear in the Slide List where your slides will be inserted.

3.4.4 A dding Photos from Folder and File List

The Folder and File Lists are used to locate such content which can be added to your photo album. These work are just like any normal file managers, which allow you to access any content on your computer.

Folder List

The Folder List lets you choose which folder's content is displayed in the File List. The Folder List shows all drives on your computer as well as network connections and other special folders such as My Documents and My Pictures.

  • Click any folder or drive to view its contents in the File List.
  • Double-click any folder or drive to expand it and show any sub-folders in the Folder List.

File List

The File List shows the contents of the selected folder in the Folder List. The File List is used to add content to your photo album.

  • Click any photo to select it.
  • Drag any photo into the Slide List to add it to your photo album.
  • Select all photos in the File List by selecting any single photo and right-clicking the Select All from the popup menu as the following.

3.4.5 Removing photos from an album

Select photos from a photo album.

  • Click the Remove button to remove the selected photos from the current photo album.


  • The original photo will not be deleted.
  • You can right-click in the photo list area; there will be a popup menu as the following.

You may click the Remove to remove the selected photos from the current album. You may also click the Remove All to remove all the photos from the current album.

3.4.6 Adding captions to photos

Captions are bits of text that are added to your show. You can use captions to create titles, credits, and notations. DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to specify the appeared text in terms of the font, size, color, placement and effect. Each photo may contain a number of captions with their own different attributes.

Adding captions can be done on an individual slide or for the entire show at the same time.

When double-click the selected photo, there will be a popup window as the following .

  • Click the Add Text button to start a new caption.
  • Enter the text of your caption in the Text area.
  • Position your caption by clicking on your caption in the preview area and dragging your caption around.
  • Set color, font, size and effects using the options provided.
  • Click OK button.

Tips: Click the Apply to All photos to add a selected caption to all the photos in the same photo album.

3.4.7 A dding and editing background music

You can add single or multiple audio files as background music to the selected photo album and customize advanced audio options such as timing and duration.

To add a background music:

  1. Select the photo album in the Photo Album List area and click the Album Effects tab. There will be a window as the following:
  2. Use the Add, Remove, Up, Down, Play buttons to select, delete, arrange the order (up, down) and play the background music.
3.4.8 A pplying transition effects to photo album

Transitions are effects which occur between two slides. Transition effects determine both how one slide disappears and how the next appears within a photo album (slideshow).

To specify a slideshow transition effect:

  1. Select the photo album in the Photo Album List area and click the Transition & Music tab.
  2. Select transition effects from the transition effects list to apply to the selected photo album.
  3. The selected transition effects will be applied to slides randomly. You may also right-click and apply transition effects to any individual photo by selecting Transition & Pan& Zoom . You may right-click the transition effects list area and Select All or Clear All effects.
3.4.9 Using Pan & Zoom to your photo album

Pan & Zoom is applied to photo slideshows, and it emulates the pan and zoom effect of a video camera. To apply this effect to a slideshow, check the Auto Pan&Zoom option in the Transition Effects window.

3.4.10 P reviewing the Selected Photo Album
  1. Select the photo album in the Photo Album List area and click the Preview tab.
  2. Click the Play button to play the selected photo album or click the Stop button to stop playing the photo album.