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Online Document for DVD Photo Slideshow

2. DVD Photo Slideshow at a glance

Creating projects in DVD Photo Slideshow involves a three-step process where you can Organize your photos into a slideshow album, apply a creative DVD Menu to it, and then Burn it onto a blank DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW disc .

(1) Create and organize Albums: Click the Organize Photos button to create photo albums and select photos from a folder on your hard drive and add them to a particular album. You can also add your favorite background music to the photo slideshow and select transition effects for the slideshow.

(2) Set DVD Menu: Click the Choose Menus button to select a disc menu which decides the way in which the photo albums will be stored on DVD disc. You can easily design your DVD menu by adding your favorite background music, background image and favorite text. You may also preview all slideshows to be burned to the DVD disc by clicking the Preview button .

(3) Burn photo albums to DVD: Click the Burn DVD button to burn your photo albums to a blank DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW disc.

2.1 The Organize Photos window

The Organize Photos Window is illustrated as the following:

2.1.1 The File Folder List

The Folder List lists all the photos in the selected file folder. You may right-click in this area and there will be a popup menu as the following:

2.1.2 The Slideshow Toolbar

The Slideshow Toolbar provides two options: creating a photo album (slideshow) and deleting an existing one. There are several ways to create a slideshow. You can manually add photos from local drive. You can also add the whole folder and its sub-folders to the photo album by Drag and Drop the whole folder from the File Folder List area.

New Album: Browse for image files in your hard drive, and then add them to create a slideshow.

Delete Album: Delete the selected photo album.

2.1.3 The Slideshow List

A slideshow is a set of images with its own properties including background music and transition effects. The Slideshow List displays the general information of all photo albums including the thumbnails, total photos and the photo album name of all created slideshows. Click a slideshow thumbnail to display included photos in the Slide Panel .

2.1.4 Slideshow Property and Preview Tabs

For every photo album, there are three Tabs to easily set up parameters such as photos, transition effects and preview the selected photo album.

The Album Photo tab

The Transition & Music tab

The Album Preview tab

2.1.5 Slide Toolbar

  • Add Photo: Add photos to your album from a file folder.
  • Add All : Add all the photos in your file folder.
  • Delete Photo: Removes the selected slide(s) in the Slide Panel .
  • Rotate Left: Rotates the selected slide(s) 90 degrees counterclockwise.
  • Rotate Right: Rotates the selected slide(s) 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Add Text: Opens a dialog box from which you can add text to describe the selected slide(s).
  • Auto Adjust: auto adjust exposure
  • Background Music: Add background music to the current album
  • More: more functions as the following feature

  • Set as Album Thumbnail: It is used to set any photo in your album as the thumbnail.
  • Add Blank Image: It is used to add blank image, which can be edited by yourself.
  • Details: click it, and then you can get the information about the name, size, photo/file date, dimensions and the path of each photo selected in the album. Then you can change the order of the album according to any of above information.
  • Rearrange to Current Viewing Slide Order: click it, you can change the order of the current show as you like.
  • Custom Transition & Pan & Zoom: you can set the transition and Pan & Zoom effects by right-click, and then you will see a pop-up menu as the following

Then you can set the transition effect as you like.

2.1.6 Disc Size Indicator

Before you proceed to burn your DVD disc, you should assure that the size of your project does not exceed the disc capacity. At the bottom of the DVD Photo Slideshow window is a size indicator. Burning a DVD recordable, the limit is 4.7GB for single layer DVD.

2.2 The Choose Menus Window

2.3 The Burn DVD window