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Photo Slideshow Software - DVD Slide Show, Photo to DVD, Flash Slideshow

Online Document for DVD Photo Slideshow

4. Choose DVD Menus

The DVD Menus window lets you configure the menu that appears when your DVD is played.

Menu Thumbnail

By default, the first picture of every photo album is used as the thumbnail to represent the album on the menu. You can, however, set this to any picture. To do so, right-click on the photo you want to select as the photo album thumbnail, and select Set as album Thumbnail from the pop-up menu.

4.1 Selecting Menu Templates

Select any of the included templates to automatically set the layout, background and font options. For speed and ease in designing your slideshow album, simply select from the list of templates. All the backgrounds, effects, and audio that come with the template are automatically applied to your slideshow album. You can double-click the selected template to apply it to your slideshow album.

4.2 Modifying Background Music for DVD Menu

You can specify your own or remove the existing background music of your menu by clicking the Background Music tab.

4.2.1 A dding background music for DVD Menu

Most professionally produced DVDs feature some type of background music during the menu. DVD Photo Slideshow lets you add music to your menus so that you can have this effect on your own output. For best results, choose a short clip of music that can easily repeat.

  1. Click the Background Music Tab.
  2. Click the Add button, there will be a popup window to select a music file from the local drive.
  3. Select a .mp3 or .wav file from the folder tree.
  4. The selected music file with file name and its whole directory path will be displayed on the right of the Add button
4.2.2 Deleting background music for DVD Menu
  1. Click the Background Music Tab.
  2. Select the background music you want to delete, and click the Delete.

4. 3 Changing Background Image

The background appears on all your menu screens can be any image. The background you choose has more effect on the appearance of your menus than any other option.

4.4 Modifying DVD Menu Onscreen Texts

You can customize the text in your menu in the Font Tab. You can edit the text or change its font attributes. You can also remove text in your slideshow. Simply double-click to add texts for the DVD menus. You may also set the main title for the menu, which usually appears at the top of the menu.

4.5 Previewing the Selected Slideshow

  • Select the photo album in the Photo Album List area and click the Preview tab.
  • Click the Play button to play the selected photo album or click the Stop button to stop playing the photo album.